My name is Dragan Djuric. Here’s a few words about me and what you can expect to find on this blog. If you think that your company might need my skills, I do develop specialized software for money; please contact me and we can chat about this.

When I’m not running, working out, dancing, reading, and pleasantly wasting time, I’m working on software, mainly Uncomplicate Clojure libraries. What time is left, I spend it as a professor of software engineering at University of Belgrade. I am a member of Good Old AI Network, a group of researchers that share a similar passion for intelligent systems.

I live in Belgrade, Serbia; if you are curious, it’s in the southern part of Europe, just across the Adriatic Sea from Italy, to the North-East.

Belgrade's main rivers, Danube and Sava

I started using Clojure as my main programming language in 2009 (wow, that was long ago!), and I also managed to sneak it into the curriculum in 2010 (don’t ask me how I managed to do that), so I also teach it at the university. One thing lead to another, and soon enough, I started using Emacs as my primary development environment. I am also interested in machine learning, and, since I’m often hard-headed, that means the probabilistic, Bayesian kind of machine learning, data analysis, and related fields.

This blog is a place where I’ll write about my journey of trying (and eventually succeeding, i hope!) to make Clojure a great environment for high-performance numerical computing, GPU computing, Bayesian data analysis, and probabilistic machine learning. How do I hope to do that?

  1. By sharing here some thoughts about the things I’m experimenting with, learning, or working on, and inspiring you to join in.
  2. By creating open source Clojure libraries that can help you apply what i “preach”; you can find those at Uncomplicate Clojure Project. Make sure you check it out, it already provides excellent, working, state-of-the-art performance!

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