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October 18, 2018

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Hi! If you’re reading this blog regularly, you probably already know about my dedication to Neanderthal and other Uncomplicate Clojure libraries for high-performance computing in Clojure.

I opened a Patreon page for donations. And I think I have a nice idea to appreciate financial contributions:

You can become a proud sponsor of a pet Clojure function from one of Uncomplicate projects! I will add your name to the documentation data of a function, so you can follow the project and take care that your function is happy and free of bugs!

If you landed here because (I hope!) this post got shared a lot, and wonder what I’m talking about, check out:

  1. The About page of this blog
  2. My GitHub repository of several projects that I’ve been developing for a long time
  3. The tutorials I regularly write

As an open-source Clojure enthusiast yourself, you probably know how much time goes into this thing we both love: developing and sharing high-quality Clojure code and growing the Clojure ecosystem. As much as I like spending countless hours on these libraries, there is a huge opportunity financial cost that I have to bear myself.

Neanderthal, ClojureCUDA, ClojureCL and others are free for everyone, but cost me many thousands of dollars in missed earnings from the consulting jobs I have to refuse to be able to work on this. I still stand by my choice, and do not regret doing that. And it will be nice if I can organize financial support to make sure that I can continue doing so!

You can help by going to a Patreon page for donations and pledging an amount that you can afford. I really appreciate your help!

In return, you can claim a Neanderthal function as your own pet! Think about that, you can be someone who generously support and care about Neanderthal so much that a doc metadata of a function lists you as its patron!

Regardless of the success of this campaign, I pledge to continue delivering high quality high speed open source code to the Clojure community, so do not worry if you can’t afford to donate. But it will be really nice if you can :)

Please share this post and spread the word.

Adopt a Neanderthal function as your own pet! Support my Clojure work on Patreon. - October 18, 2018 - Dragan Djuric