Clojure is not afraid of the GPU (slides for my EuroClojure2016 talk)

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October 20, 2016

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Hello, fellow Clojurians, and welcome to my newly born blog. Is there a better way to open the new blog than with a post about my upcoming talk at EuroClojure2016? I decided to put the slides online in advance, so the attendees can relax and enjoy the talk, instead of scraping by to type all the notes and memos.

The slides are available here, just open them in the web browser (I tested with chromium). I don't know whether you'd agree with me that Clojure is not afraid of the GPU, but I hope you'll enjoy my talk and the conference!

Please note that there are two directions to browse: down/up, and left/right. Down/up arrows move you through slides, while left/up arrows move you through sections. Normally, you'd press down-down-down until there are no more slides, and then right to cross to the next section. ESC gives you the bird's view of the structure.

Enjoy, and see you in wonderful Bratislava, at awesome EuroClojure conference.

Clojure is not afraid of the GPU (slides for my EuroClojure2016 talk) - October 20, 2016 - Dragan Djuric